11 Foods That Will Make You Smarter & More Focused

Our modern life is full with stress and agility so no wonder if you will feel unfocused and brain fogged from time to time. And adding to that the fact that you are eating a lot of processed and junk foods, it won't be a surprise that you will even feel you are becoming less smarter than you used to be!

Organizing your day to day life and practicing meditation to relieve the stress and feel more focused are good practices and will help, but they are not enough!

You should not give a blind eye to your nutrition as your focus and memory depend on what you eat as well!

Fortunately there are a lot of foods known for their ability to help your brain works better and in the video below you will discover 11 foods and how they will help. These 11 foods are:
-Wild Salmon
-Wild Bluberries
-Lion's Mane
-Egg Yokes
-Flax Seeds
-Chia Seeds
-Dark Chocolate

Video Credits: Devin Burke

The Forgotten Plant

Probably you have heard before about all the foods mentioned above and their good effects on the brain. But there's one plant that everybody seems to forget about! It's Oat Straw!

This plant has been used since middle ages as an energy and memory booster, and there have been a lot of recent studies proving what this plant is capable of; even it has been discovered that it does not only boost energy and memory, it also enhance libido!

So no doubt you need to start adding this plant to your nutritional habits.

And if you are struggling to find some then we highly recommend NooCube

Not only does it have Oat Straw it also contains Bacopa and Cat's Claw which help in improving memory and reduce cell damage! 

So, what do you think about these foods? Are you using any of these currently?

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