2 Unusual Pizza Ideas You Should Try

The pizza is round, the slice is triangle and the box is square! Is this a food or a geometry class? Why do we have to serve it that way all the time? Aren't there any other forms and shapes? Or maybe even colors?

First let's make it clear about all these different geometry shapes associated with pizza.

Pizza was first invented in Italy, some say it dates back to Greeks and Persians, but anyway, the common explanation for its circular shape is to make it cooked evenly and heated throughout.

As for the triangles, simply these are the only shapes you can cut the whole of a pizza into equal pieces. Imagine cutting a circle into triangles, squares or even more circles! The result is a lot of it will get wasted.

A square box? It's cheaper to make a square box than a circular. So no fuss about this.

Now let's jump to the other part of our pizza case. Can't we have other forms and shapes of pizza?

The answer is "Yes, we can", and here are two unusual ideas that will change your mind about how you look at pizza.

1. NYC Sicilian Pizza

The first unusual idea is the Sicilian pizza which comes in a square shape. Yes Sicily is in Italy, yet this pizza is square and not circular! And it's very popular in New York city.

You can learn how to make it in this video by Italiano Cooking. It has a different shape, a different flavor, and a whole different pizza experience. You have to try it!

2. Pizza Rolls

For this second unusual idea we will change gears to 3D! Instead of flat shapes, this pizza will be puffed! It looks amazing, it's delicious, and easy to make! It's a perfect meal choice for your big parties!
Watch this video from Huma in the kitchen to learn how to make it.

These two pizzas are very easy to make and you can try them today if you want for a little bit of change! It's good to change your culinary habits a little bit and add more geometry shapes to your kitchen, and more importantly have a more delicious experience.

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Before you leave this page don't forget to tell us if you have tried the two pizza ideas we have shared with you, and if you know any other ideas in the comment section below.

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