22 Full Body Outdoor Exercises

Sometimes after spending a full day at work or doing your daily activities at home, you don't feel you are up to spend another hour in a closed gym, you feel that nature is calling and you want to feel liberated outdoor and workout in an open space.

Fortunately there are some exercises you can do outdoor, you will work your whole body without the need of any equipment! These exercises are:

1) Plie Squats
2) Weighted Twists Crunches (using any heavy object)
3) Back Kicks
4) Bent Over Row
5) Front Kicks
6) Jumping Jacks
7) Push-Ups
8) Inch Worm
9) Knee to Elbow
10) Monkey Squats
11) Skater Ploys 
12) Donkey Kicks
13) Pop Squats
14) Lunges With High Knee
15) Scissor Kicks
16) Leg Extensions
17) Side Bends
18) Gastrocnemius Stretch
19) Quadriceps Stretch
20) Water Run
21) Mermaid Crunches
22) Hopscotch

And here is how to perform these exercises:

Quite interesting, aren't they? Do you have any exercise ideas you think you can perform outdoor without the need of any equipment?

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