Survival Gear & Disaster Kit You Must Have!

If you are planning to go for a long trip outdoor then you should have the right survival gear with you! Actually you should call it disaster kit, and have it always at reach so you can get it easily for the call of survival!

Unfortunately we don't know when a disaster will strike, so we better get ready!

Based on what have been mentioned in the Next Survivor book there are 5 musts every disaster kit should contain.

The 5 Items a Disaster Kit Must Contain

1. Water

Should be stocked in a proper way, and enough quantity.

2. Food

Canned and fast processed foods such as protein bars.

3. Source of Light

A flashlight.

4. Source of Fire

A lighter, matchsticks, or flint and steel.

5. Medications

Such as painkillers, special medical conditions medication like diabetes, high blood tension, allergies, etc...

The Next Survivor book detailed how to build a first aid kit as well. Also it explained how to conserve water and how to collect it outdoors, how to start a fire using primitive methods, how to track animals for food, how to build a shelter, how to make perfect knots.

Also you will learn how to survive in harsh conditions and life threatening situations such as natural disasters, wild animal attacks, even mass shootings and plane crashes!

Something else you should consider adding to your survival kit is the perfect survival knife! You can check our article about survival knives:

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