5 Ways to Make A Fortune From Your Blog

No doubt you are here because you have a blog online or thinking about launching one, and probably you have seen a lot of bloggers enjoying every aspect of their lives doing what they enjoy doing after they have quit their former jobs and started their own blogs. 

And now you are asking yourself how can I be just like them making a lot of money from my blog?

Basically all bloggers are making huge incomes online using these sources:

1. Ads Display

Either you are running your blog on WordPress, Blogger form Google or any other blogging platform, you will have the choice to display ads on your website and get paid for how many impressions and clicks those ads are getting from the traffic coming to your blog.

As easy as it sounds you will add some code or a widget to your website, and ads will be displayed on every page based on the content of the page and the viewer online behavior.

The best services for ads display you can use are:

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the smartest ways to make big profits on your blog. Simply you will promote other people or companies products using affiliate links on your blog.

It's obvious you won't make articles talking about the product you are promoting as people hate advertising, but instead you will integrate promoted products into your informative articles and great content you are writing.
For instance if you are having a blog about weight loss you can put banners or links forwarding to a product related to the weight loss niche.
Where do I find products to promote as an affiliate?

There are a couple of reputable affiliate networks that you can join. They have almost any niche category you can think about, they accept affiliates worldwide, and they pay on time! To mention:

3. Amazon Associates

This is an affiliate program as well ran by Amazon but we wanted to make it as an independent category for one simple reason.
Amazon is selling all kinds of products they you can promote yourself as an affiliate. So for example if you are writing an article about the 10 best gifts for Valentine's day then you can search for great gifts suitable for this event on Amazon, write a piece of content about them and use affiliate links to forward readers to the Amazon website and buy those gifts giving you a commission!
This technique is very simple, smart and used by big companies on their websites!

You can join the Amazon Associates program here.

4. Selling Ads Placements

In addition to displaying ads from Google AdSense or an affiliate product, you can rent placements on your website to advertisers!
What you need to do is creating a link on your blog menu called "Advertise With US" or "Advertising" and link it to a page on your website where you will explain what locations on your website you can place ads for advertisers, the size of the banners you will accept, and how much you will charge. This is up to you and how much traffic your blog is getting, some bloggers charge per impressions and others charge per day.

5. Selling Your Own Products

This is the well most bloggers are extracting their fortune from!
If you are well established in your niche and you think you have mastered a lot of stuff related to it then you can create your own product to sell on your blog!
This can be a book, a video program, a membership website, or what is better nowadays is having your own online courses!
What you need to do is creating an online course teaching your readers what you are good at! Then you will link to this online on your blog and try to drive traffic to it as much as you can, and turn your visitors into buyers! This will really make you a fortune!

How to Create an Online Courses?
An online course is basically a series of videos, whether shooting yourself doing or talking about what you will teach or a sequence of presentations explaining everything to your students, and you can add to it any other helpful content that your students can access like ebooks, printable sheets, etc...

One of the best platforms you can use to host your online courses is Teachable
At Teachable they have very simple beautiful templates designs that will hold your visitors and turn them into students.
In addition to that you will access a multiple tools for better sales conversions like completion certificates, quizzes, and course compliance, as well as other tools to better market your courses such as coupons, customizable sales pages and running your own affiliate program!

This platform will allow you to host many online courses at the same time, and add as many lessons and resources as you want!

You can join Teachable from here.

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