Do you enjoy writing articles and look for a larger exposure?

You are welcome to join our army of online contributors to share your article on our website.

What topics do we accept?
We accept all kind of topics except of adult content and hate speech. Note that the article should be an original work of yours.

The article must be in the form of giving tips not story telling or an analyze of some topic. For instance the title of your article should be similar to this format "the 5 things for something or to achieve something", "Best 7 things for things", "Top 5 things ....", "How to .... thing, in 3 steps"... etc.. we think you got the idea. 
Simply put the title of the article must be announcing there are tips inside the article.

Who is allowed to contribute to our website?
Everyone how has the passion of writing and has original works.

What will you get out of this?
Larger exposure. We will publish your article on our website, and share it on all our social media accounts. Your article will be published with your name along a link to your own blog, website or social media accounts. You have the choice to not linking to your accounts.

How to send us your article?
Send us the following to
-Article Name
-The full article including photos if any
-Your name
-Your blog, website, or social accounts you want to us link to

When will your article be published?
We review requests once a week, and you will receive an email once your article has been published.

Please note:
-We reserve the right to edit your article so it will fit our style.
-We reserve the right to not publish your article if it did not meet with our standards.
-In case we have been contacted about a copyright infringement then we can handle your contact details to the complainer. So please to avoid this, make sure your article is an original work of yours.
-Our website is monetized so we might make profits out of the visits to your article or from products/services promoted on your article page.
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