17 Amazing Halloween Ideas

Coming up with impressive and unique makeup and dress ideas for Halloween is not an easy task.

Almost every Halloween everybody is wearing the same costumes for familiar heroes like Superman and Batman, or otherwise wearing some ordinary zombie makeup!

This doesn't mean you should give up on super heroes or zombies, but you should make something unique to stand from the crowd, and here I am collected for you some 17 amazing makeup and costume ideas that will drop everybody's jaws!

The Amazing 17 Halloween Ideas

1. Mummy Rise

2. Face Sewing


4. Shot Twice Not Dead

5. Prison Break In

6. A Whole In My Palm

7. I Don't Need a Mouth

8. Royals  In Black & Orange

9. Hands In Barbecue

10. Mars Flesh

11. French Jaafar

12. Vampire Slave

13. Paris Clown

14. I Shaved My Flesh

15. Dark is the New Dark

16. Pumpkin Mask

17. Family Eves

So what do you think about these Halloween ideas? You can share yours as well in the comment section.

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17 Amazing Halloween Ideas

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