2 Things to Do to Become a Better You

There's no doubt losing confidence in yourself and have a big drop in your self esteem are some of the worst things that can happen to you in your life!

I remember two year ago when I've went through the worst experience in my life. I've went through two things that nobody wish they will go through!

The First thing that hit me was my business which felt apart, and I found myself completely broke! 

Back then I was thriving as an online marketer doing different kinds of things online (selling my own online courses, doing affiliate marketing, etc...). But due to some bad decisions I took I found myself being kicked out from the major online networks I was working with!

Receiving a couple of emails at the same week informing me that I've been suspended from working with those networks sent me into shock!

And the crazy thing was that I've made some big investments where I've put all I got of money, so I found myself completely broke!

The second thing that happened was my girlfriend breaking up with me!
Due to some family problems she went through, she decided to just leave me! And although I tried my best, all what I've got was rejection.

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These two incidents hit me so much. I've lost interest in everything, and did not want to do anything. I felt like life was just letting me down. All I was doing was living in a blank! Just eating, sleeping, and hanging out in the streets!

I lost confidence in myself, and my self esteem was at its lowest levels!

Couple of months going through that same condition I started to feel that I'm useless in life, and that I need to put an end to this situation!

I said to myself "I need to get alive again, I must get back to my usual me!"

I started doing a lot of searching on what would help me uplift my self esteem, and I actually found tow things that did the job! And even better they make me a better version of me!

First Thing that Helped Me Become a Better Me

The first thing I did was I start focusing on the moment! And actually I'm still practicing this technique today.
The principle is quite simple, whenever I do something I just focus on it and feel every aspect of it!

Lets say I was having a coffee in a local coffee shop. Instead of drinking my coffee very fast, scrolling my Facebook timeline, and thinking about every kind of ideas, I just sit comfortably and feel every sip of my coffee with all my senses!

I think about how it does taste when it touches my tongue. I think about how hot the cup is when touching my lips, I feel its warmth in my hands. I think about the cozy noise I'm hearing in the café. I feel the flow of people around me coming in and out. I feel the sound of the clients calling the waiter. I feel the sound of the cars running by the street. I feel everything right that moment I took a sip!

This was just an example. I did this with every simple thing I do. It's all about thinking about the present feelings, instead of thinking about things that are not present! Forget about the past, don't bother yourself with the future.

This experience made me feel that there's plenty of wonderful moments to enjoy in life! Every present moment deserves to be lived fully!

I invite you to try it yourself. Try it with everything you do. If you are with a friend, feel and think about every detail at that moment. If you are taking a bath, also feel and think about every detail at that moment.

Life is plenty of joyful present moments, don't waste them to think about something else not present!

This is actually what meditation is all about, concentrate and feel the present moment with all your senses.

And if you are new to meditation, or you find difficulty on focusing you can try a this guided meditation program.

Second Thing that Helped Me Become a Better Me

The second thing I did to help me get in better shape was following better people than me!

This doesn't mean that you should know these people in person, they can be anyone anywhere in the world, alive or dead!

There are a lot of successful people in our life, and guess what? No matter what happened to you, there are people more successful and happier than you who went through more terrible experiences than yours! Yes that's correct!

When I lost my business and got left by my girlfriend, I thought I am the most cursed person on earth and that no one else went through what I was going through!

But it turned out I was wrong! I was reading some article about Keanu Reeves, the main character of the Matrix and Johb Wick movies, and I did not believe what the guy went through! Yet he is a very famous talented actor!

Long story short, the brave John Wick went through a series of tragedies in his life including the death of his best friend at a young age, the love of his life died in a car accident, and his sister was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Well I don't know what the guy is feeling inside, but what I'm sure of is that all what happened to him did not make him stop his successful carrier.

Think about any other successful people in life; Mark Zuckerberg (all those Congressmen getting the shit out of him in a hearing), Steve Jobs (his battle with cancer), Barack Obama (the struggles he faced to be as the first African American president) , Michael Philips (how much pain he went through to be the world best swimmer so far),... read about their stories and you will find a lot of interesting bad experiences they went through, but did not stop them for thriving.

The point is, what you need to do is looking into the stories of successful people, and you will find that they are doing great in their life although they have a lot of tragedies and problems.

No matter what happens to you, there are other people going through worse, but it doesn't stop them from going forward. And these people should be an inspiration to you to become a better version of you.

There are actually more things to do to improve yourself, but these were the most helpful things I've practiced that helped me lift up my self esteem, and get out even better then before from tragedies and bad life experiences.

I know that we as human beings we react differently to bad life experiences, and what work for me as a solution might not work for you. Hence to relieve the social stress and anxiety, and improve oneself self esteem, it is best to seek help of experts. And I personally advise you to check the Social Confidence System - Social Anxiety Solutions created by Sebastiaan van der Schrier who is a Social Anxiety Expert.

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