3 Training Tips to Shred Stubborn Belly Fat

Now the question I get asked quite often is what tips can you give me to help get rid of belly fat.

Now, before I begin I might add there is no ‘magic’ be end all exercises to help aid this. However I will give an insight some key areas in understanding what type of fat we are trying to lose. Because not all body fat is created equally. There are different types of fat. 

I will also share my favorite methods that have not only helped myself but clients suffering with this problematic area.

Now that type of fat which is currently causing this issue is visceral fat. Visceral fat is the type of fat that fills and circulates the abdominal cavity.

The more we carry the more problems it brings us. Such as decreased hormone production, low libido, decreased cardiovascular health, increased of onset type 2 diabetes, poor energy levels, the list goes on. 

Now to help reduce the amount we have. We need to focus on good quality nutrition (more importantly a calorie deficit) and trying to create a good amount of expenditure through training, activity and movement.

The more focus we put on training and expenditure, the more we will help our body shred those stubborn areas of belly fat.

But remember like everything losing fat takes time and patience. And stubborn belly fat is sadly the last area to shift is the stomach area. Simply because that’s where the majority of our important internal organs sit. Our body wants to have body fat to be able to function and cushion our internal organs, but note you need to find out what levels of body fat are deemed as healthy + obese.

Which you can see pictured below:

However it is possible so here are my 3 Training Tips that can help with that:

1. Train with resistance

I’m a big fan of using resistance training. Now the common methods I would use would be with free weights, fixed and bodyweight as it will help use more muscles, which in effect can help burn calories. Plus the more muscle we have, the energy we can expend at rest. Win.

2. Incorporate multi chain exercises

Now depending on your training enjoyments. I love exercises that use and incorporate multiple muscle groups and joints. So think of deadlifts, prowler pushes, squats, overhead presses, thrusters, pushups. They can be put under different intensities and loads which has a positive training effect on our bodies.

3. Use a timer

When was the last time you actually recorded your rest times. Probably never. Try resting for shorter amounts of time, you’ll help ramp up metabolic stress, burn more calories and be out of the gym quicker. 

Try those tips with your training and let me know how you get on, please if you feel stuck in a rut in your training please feel free to drop myself a line. I’d love to help you.

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This article was written by Joey Ison from Warrior Project.

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