4 Home Remedies Every Woman Should Know

Dark spots under armpit, pimples inflammation, heels peels, and dandruff are four common issues every woman may face.

Usually we tend to look for products that might be expensive but not effective enough to solve the problem. Without mentioning the toxic chemicals they might contain!

Fortunately you can solve all the four issues using home made remedies!


Natural homemade health remedies are exactly what they state, natural remedies to make you feel better. Apart from leaving you feeling healthier and fitter, they are cheaper than a doctor’s fee.

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Some of the POWERFULL remedies you'll find in this book:
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The 4 Home Remedies Every Woman Should Know

To solve the four common issues we have mentioned, here is what you have to do as Blossom put it into a video.

Dark Spots on Armpit

To remove these spots make a paste made from mixing beet extract with potato juice and flour. Apply it on your armpit for a couple of minutes the clean it.

Vitamin C in beets removes dark spots.

Pimples Inflammation

To reduce the inflammation use Ibuprofen.

Heels Peels

Make a solution of mouth wash, vinegar and water. Immerse your feet for a couple of minutes and then clean them, and the peels should be gone. 

Natural oils and acids gently exfoliate skin.


Create a paste from Aloe Vera gel and coconut oil. It will moisturize and relieve itchiness.

You can watch the Blossom video as well.

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4 Home Remedies Every Woman Should Know

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