4 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Master!

Being attacked and finding yourself in danger can be one of the worst life experiences you may face!

And in order to avoid ending up a victim you should know how to defend yourself! But don't worry this doesn't mean you should have a 4 degree black belt in Karate!

If you had never joined a martial art club then it's not a problem at all! Actually defending yourself is based on knowing how to react to a certain attack. 

Here are 4 basic self defense moves from DIY that you can learn:

You can learn more self defense moves and also survival hacks from this article on our website:
30 Self-Defense Moves & Survival Hacks Every Woman Should Know


There is this one spot in the human body that is at reach and can be your target to paralyze any offender! And there's one single move to perform this, it's called the Brachial Stun, it is a legit, one-strike knockout technique.

Mike Gilette will teach you how to perform this technique in the REAL LIFE Self-Defense program.

The REAL LIFE Self-Defense program is sold with a $60 discount right now, and will get back to $99 very soon! So you better act fast and get your copy for ONLY $39 as long as this offer is running!

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4 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Master!

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