3 Ways To Be A Good Neighbor

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor knocked on the door carrying a beautiful, flowered plate with piping hot flat apple pie.

"I made a lot of dough making homemade pot pies and apple pie. I thought you guys might like to try these," she said with a huge smile. "There are Granny Smiths from the farmer's market in these."

Earlier in that week, she stepped into my garage to hand me some form of maple contraption that catches flies. We are country folk so the gift was very thoughtful since we get an exorbitant amount of bugs. She then proceeded to spray down my mailbox with some chemical or another.

"Don't want you to get bit by a wolf spider," she said with a wave.

One day her lawn man smiled as he cut our grass right along with hers at her insistence.

When I went over to return her plate, I presented her with a thank you note and a gift card to a new restaurant in town. She invited me in and insisted that I join her on a thrift shop outing since we both love repurposing and crafts.

She is so pleasant, and it got me to thinking about all the other neighbors that I have never gotten the chance to know. Sure we give a quick wave here and there, but I couldn't tell you much more about them than what kind of car they drove.

I decided if I wanted to have good neighbors, then I had to be one. Below are tips that have worked for me:

1. Introduce Yourself

Don't wait with entitlement for the welcome wagon to come to you, be the welcome wagon. Introduce yourself and present a card with your name and contact information.

2. Follow the Rules

Don't be the annoying neighbor with the incessantly barking dog or the knee-high grass. If there is a neighborhood committee, join it so that you can stay up-to-date on current events. If you will be having something unusual going on at your home, like a gathering, make sure your neighbors are aware in advance.

3. Be Concerned

If there is unusual activity at your neighbor's home or a sudden break in a usual routine then make sure everything is alright. And on the flip side, notify a trusted neighbor when you will be away.

These are just a few things that I have implemented in my quest to be a good neighbor.

This article was originally written by Latasha Ellis-Cobb.

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