6 Keto Meals to Do By Yourself

Sometimes after a long day of work you get back to home with no energy to cook anything, and also you are following a Keto diet and you don't know a lot of recipes, so you start thinking about breaking your Keto regime and eat anything you can get, and the easiest way is my a call for some unhealthy fast food!

Fortunately you don't have to do that, as there are a lot of delicious Keto meals that you can make so fast.

1. Fajita Hasselbak Chicken

2. Steak & Avocado Salad

3. Low Carb Bread

4. Low Carb Pasta

5. Baked Avocado Egg

6. Beef & Veggie Stir Fry

Watch the video below from the Tasty YouTube channel for full details on the recipes and how to make these meals.

Video Credits: Tasty

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Keto diets take detailed (and sometimes rigorous) planning. Did you know that you need 65-70% of your calories to come from fat, 25-30% from protein and 5% from carbs?

Most people just jump into a keto diet, buy a few pounds of beef, chicken, and eggs from the grocery store… They’ll get 1-2 weeks in before getting fed up eating the same dull foods over and over and shaking their heads at just the thought of digging up another recipe from the internet or a recipe book every single time they need to eat.

If you want to achieve maximum fat loss results with your keto diet and keep the weight off permanently, you need to keep it as simple and easy as possible – while still giving yourself a lot of options.

So how can you enjoy recipes like these without ANY of the effort, planning, and endless searching?

Simple. Get a few hand-selected, high-quality recipes sent to your inbox every two weeks, complete with done-for-you calorie and macronutrient breakdowns and easy-to-read recipe lists.

And you can try it totally free and get on the fast track to a delicious and healthy keto lifestyle now. GET WEEKLY HIGH-QUALITY RECIPES

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